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HeaderFooter Object (PowerPoint)

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Represents a header, footer, date and time, slide number, or page number on a slide or master. All the HeaderFooter objects for a slide or master are contained in a HeadersFooters object.


Use one of the properties listed in the following table to return the HeaderFooter object.

Use this propertyTo return
DateAndTimeA HeaderFooter object that represents the date and time on the slide.
FooterA HeaderFooter object that represents the footer for the slide.
HeaderA HeaderFooter object that represents the header for the slide. This works only for notes pages and handouts, not for slides.
SlideNumberA HeaderFooter object that represent the slide number (on a slide) or page number (on a notes page or a handout).

NoteHeaderFooter objects aren't available for Slide objects that represent notes pages. The HeaderFooter object that represents a header is available only for a notes master or handout master.


You can set properties of HeaderFooter objects for single slides. The following example sets the footer text for slide one in the active presentation.

ActivePresentation.Slides(1).HeadersFooters.Footer.Text = "Volcano Coffee"

You can also set properties of HeaderFooter objects for the slide master, title master, notes master, or handout master to affect all slides, title slides, notes pages, or handouts and outlines at the same time. The following example sets the text for the footer in the slide master for the active presentation, sets the format for the date and time, and turns on the display of slide numbers. These settings will apply to all slides that are based on this master that display master graphics and that have not had their footer and date and time set individually.

Set mySlidesHF = ActivePresentation.SlideMaster.HeadersFooters

With mySlidesHF

    .Footer.Visible = True

    .Footer.Text = "Regional Sales"

    .SlideNumber.Visible = True

    .DateAndTime.Visible = True

    .DateAndTime.UseFormat = True

    .DateAndTime.Format = ppDateTimeMdyy

End With

To clear header and footer information that has been set for individual slides and make sure all slides display the header and information you define for the slide master, run the following code before running the previous example.

For Each s In ActivePresentation.Slides

    s.DisplayMasterShapes = True



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