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FillFormat.GradientStops Property (PowerPoint)

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Returns the GradientStops collection associated with the specified fill format. Read-only.


expression. GradientStops

expression An expression that returns a FillFormat object.

Return Value



You can use the GradientStops.Insert method to add gradient stops to the GradientStops collection for the specified object.


The following example shows how to add a gradient stop at the 50% position to the GradientStops collection of the fill format of the first shape on the first slide of the active presentation. For this example to work, the shape must already have a gradient fill applied.

Public Sub GradientStops_Example() 

    Dim pptShape As Shape 
    Dim pptFillFormat As FillFormat 
    Dim pptGradientStops As GradientStops 

    Set pptShape = ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Shapes(1) 
    Set pptFillFormat = pptShape.Fill 
    Set pptGradientStops = pptFillFormat.GradientStops 

    pptGradientStops.Insert RGB(255, 0, 255), 0.5 

End Sub

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