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DocumentWindow.ViewType Property (PowerPoint)

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Returns or sets the type of the view contained in the specified document window. Read/write.


expression. ViewType

expression A variable that represents a DocumentWindow object.


The value of the ViewType property can be one of these PpViewType constants.

|| |:-----| |ppViewHandoutMaster| |ppViewMasterThumbnails| |ppViewNormal| |ppViewNotesMaster| |ppViewNotesPage| |ppViewOutline| |ppViewPrintPreview| |ppViewSlide| |ppViewSlideMaster| |ppViewSlideSorter| |ppViewThumbnails| |ppViewTitleMaster|


This example changes the view in the active window to slide sorter view if the window is currently displayed in normal view.

With Application.ActiveWindow

    If .ViewType = ppViewNormal Then

        .ViewType = ppViewSlideSorter

    End If

End With

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