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Comment.Author Property (PowerPoint)

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Returns a String that represents the author as for a specified Comment object. Read-only.


expression. Author

expression A variable that represents an Comment object.

Return Value



This property returns only the author's name. To return the author's initials, use the AuthorInitials property. Specify the author of a comment when you add a new comment to the presentation.


The following example adds a comment to the first slide of the active presentation and then displays the author's name and initials in a message.

Sub GetAuthorName()

    With ActivePresentation.Slides(1)
        .Comments.Add Left:=100, Top:=100, Author:="Jeff Smith", _
            AuthorInitials:="JS", _
            Text:="This is a new comment added to the first slide."
        MsgBox "This comment was created by " &; _
            .Comments(1).Author &; " (" &; .Comments(1).AuthorInitials &; ")."
    End With

End Sub

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