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ChartGroup.Overlap Property (PowerPoint)

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Specifies how bars and columns are positioned. Read/write Long.


expression. Overlap

expression A variable that represents a ChartGroup object.


This property applies only to 2-D bar and 2-D column charts.

You can set this property to a value from -100 through 100. If this property is set to -100, bars are positioned so that there is one bar width between them. If the overlap is 0 (zero), there is no space between bars (one bar starts immediately after the preceding bar). If the overlap is 100, bars are positioned on top of each other.


Note Although the following code applies to Microsoft Word, you can readily modify it to apply to PowerPoint.

The following example sets the overlap for chart group one of the first chart in the active document to -50. You should run the example on a 2-D column chart that has two or more series.

With ActiveDocument.InlineShapes(1)

    If .HasChart Then

        .Chart.ChartGroups(1).Overlap = -50

    End If

End With

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