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WebPageFont.ProportionalFont Property (Office)

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Sets or gets the proportional font setting in the host application. Read/write.


expression. ProportionalFont

expression A variable that represents a WebPageFont object.


When you set the ProportionalFont property, the host application does not check the value for validity.


This example sets the proportional font and proportional font size for the English/Western European/Other Latin Script character set in the active application.

Application.DefaultWebOptions. _ 
Fonts(msoCharacterSetEnglishWesternEuropeanOtherLatinScript) _ 
.ProportionalFont = "Tahoma" 
Application.DefaultWebOptions. _ 
Fonts(msoCharacterSetEnglishWesternEuropeanOtherLatinScript) _ 
.ProportionalFontSize = 14.5

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