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WebPageFont.FixedWidthFont Property (Office)

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Sets or gets the fixed-width font setting in the host application. Read/write.


expression. FixedWidthFont

expression A variable that represents a WebPageFont object.


When you set the FixedWidthFont property, the host application does not check the value for validity.


This example sets the fixed-width font and fixed-width font size for the English/Western European/Other Latin Script character set in the active application.

Application.DefaultWebOptions. _ 
Fonts(msoCharacterSetEnglishWesternEuropeanOtherLatinScript) _ 
.FixedWidthFont = "System" 
Application.DefaultWebOptions. _ 
Fonts(msoCharacterSetEnglishWesternEuropeanOtherLatinScript) _ 
.FixedWidthFontSize = 12

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