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ThemeColorScheme.GetCustomColor Method (Office)

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Gets a value that represents a color in the color scheme of a Microsoft Office theme.


expression. GetCustomColor( Name )

expression An expression that returns a ThemeColorScheme object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
NameRequiredStringThe name of the custom color.

Return Value



If the named custom color doesn't exist, an error is generated.


The following example creates a variable representing the color scheme in an Office theme and then creates another variable containing a custom color. This custom color can then be combined with other colors to define the theme.

Dim tTheme As OfficeTheme 
Dim tcsThemeColorScheme As ThemeColorScheme 
Dim csCustomColor As MsoRGBType 
Set tcsThemeColorScheme = tTheme.ThemeColorScheme 
csCustomColor = tcsThemeColorScheme.GetCustomColor("CheerfulColor") 

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