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TextRange2.ParagraphFormat Property (Office)

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Returns a ParagraphFormat object that represents paragraph formatting for the specified text. Read-only.


expression. ParagraphFormat

expression An expression that returns a TextRange2 object.

Return Value



This example sets the line spacing before, within, and after each paragraph in shape two on slide one in the active PowerPoint presentation.

With Application.ActivePresentation.Slides(2).Shapes(2) 
 With .TextFrame.TextRange2.ParagraphFormat 
 .LineRuleWithin = msoTrue 
 .SpaceWithin = 1.4 
 .LineRuleBefore = msoTrue 
 .SpaceBefore = 0.25 
 .LineRuleAfter = msoTrue 
 .SpaceAfter = 0.75 
 End With 
End With

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