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SignatureProvider.NotifySignatureAdded Method (Office)

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Used to display a dialog box informing the user that the signing process has completed and providing additional functionality for the add-in.


expression. NotifySignatureAdded( ParentWindow, psigsetup, psiginfo )

expression An expression that returns a SignatureProvider object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
ParentWindowRequiredIOleWindowAllows the host application to obtain the handle to the window containing the displayed dialog box.
psigsetupRequiredSignatureSetupContains initial settings of the signature provider.
psiginfoRequiredSignatureInfoContains information about the signature provider add-in.


This method is called when the signing process has completed. Allows a signature provider add-in the ability to add additional functionality to the add-in. For example, if you wanted to offer an archive service where a user could upload their signed document, you could use this method to initiate that process.


The following example, written in C#, shows the implementation of the NotifySignatureAdded method in a custom signature provider project.

 public void NotifySignatureAdded(object parentWindow, SignatureSetup sigsetup, SignatureInfo siginfo) 
 using (Win32WindowFromOleWindow window = new Win32WindowFromOleWindow(parentWindow)) 
 MessageBox.Show(window, "Signature has been applied", "Signing Ceremony", MessageBoxButtons.OK); 

Note Signature providers are implemented exclusively in custom COM add-ins and cannot be implemented in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

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