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SignatureProvider.GetProviderDetail Method (Office)

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Queries the signature provider add-in for various details.


expression. GetProviderDetail( sigprovdet )

expression An expression that returns a SignatureProvider object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
sigprovdetRequiredSignatureProviderDetailContains an enumerated value representing the type of information to query the add-in for.

Return Value



The SignatureProvider object is used exclusively in custom signature provider add-ins. This method is used to query the add-in for three pieces of information:

  • What hash algorithm does the add-in support?

  • Is the add-in only a user interface (UI) or does it support hashing and verification? If TRUE is returned, Microsoft Office does not call the add-in to hash or verify, only to display the UI.

  • What URL should the add-in provide for users if they are missing the signature add-in?


The following example, written in C#, shows the implementation of the GetProviderDetail method in a custom signature provider project.

 public object GetProviderDetail(SignatureProviderDetail sigProvDetail) 
 switch (sigProvDetail) 
 case Microsoft.Office.Core.SignatureProviderDetail.sigprovdetHashAlgorithm: 
 return this.HashAlgorithmIdentifier; 

 case Microsoft.Office.Core.SignatureProviderDetail.sigprovdetUIOnly: 
 return false; 

 case Microsoft.Office.Core.SignatureProviderDetail.sigprovdetUrl: 
 return this.ProviderUrl; 

 return null; 

Note Signature providers are implemented exclusively in custom COM add-ins and cannot be implemented in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

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