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SignatureDetail Enumeration (Office)

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Indicates additional information about a signature.

sigdetApplicationName1Specifies the application name.
sigdetApplicationVersion2Specifies the application version.
sigdetColorDepth8Specifies the color depth.
sigdetDelSuggSigner16Specifies the suggested signer delegate.
sigdetDelSuggSignerEmail20Specifies the suggested signer's delegate's e-mail.
sigdetDelSuggSignerEmailSet21Indicates whether an email for a suggested signer delegate has been specified.
sigdetDelSuggSignerLine218Specifies the suggested signer's delegate's signature line.
sigdetDelSuggSignerLine2Set19Specifies the set of suggested signer's delegate's signature lines.
sigdetDelSuggSignerSet17Specifies the set of suggested signer's delegates.
sigdetDocPreviewImg10Specifies the document preview image.
sigdetHashAlgorithm14Specifies the hash algorithm.
sigdetHorizResolution6Specifies the horizontal resolution.
sigdetIPCurrentView12Specifies the IP current view.
sigdetIPFormHash11Specifies the IP form hash.
sigdetLocalSigningTime0Specifies the local signing time.
sigdetNumberOfMonitors5Specifies the number of monitors
sigdetOfficeVersion3Specifies the Office version.
sigdetShouldShowViewWarning15Specifies the Should Show View Warning setting.
sigdetSignatureType13Specifies the signature type.
sigdetSignedData9Specifies the signed data.
sigdetVertResolution7Specifies the vertical resolution.
sigdetWindowsVersion4Specifies the Windows version.
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