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SharedWorkspaceFolders.Add Method (Office)

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Adds a folder to the document library in a shared workspace. Returns a SharedWorkspaceFolder object.

Note Beginning with Microsoft Office 2010, this object or member has been deprecated and should not be used.


expression. Add( FolderName, ParentFolder )

expression Required. A variable that represents a SharedWorkspaceFolders object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
FolderNameRequiredStringThe name of the folder to be added to the current shared workspace.
ParentFolderOptionalSharedWorkspaceFolderThe subfolder in which to place the new folder, if not the main document library folder within the shared workspace. Add the folder to the main document library folder by leaving this optional argument empty.


The following example adds a new folder to the folders collection of the shared workspace.

    Dim swsFolder As Office.SharedWorkspaceFolder 
    Set swsFolder = ActiveWorkbook.SharedWorkspace.Folders.Add("MyNewFolder") 
    MsgBox "New folder: " & swsFolder.FolderName, _ 
        vbInformation + vbOKOnly, _ 
        "New Folder in Shared Workspace" 
    Set swsFolder = Nothing 

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