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Permission.DocumentAuthor Property (Office)

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Gets or sets the name in e-mail form of the author of the active document. Read/write.


expression. DocumentAuthor

expression A variable that represents a Permission object.


The DocumentAuthor property returns or sets the author of the active document. The author always has non-expiring owner rights to the document, whether owner permission is granted explicitly (through a UserPermission object) or not.

The DocumentAuthor property can only be changed to a different account that has been certified through the permissions user interface to open restricted content on the local computer. In most cases, users who have a single Windows account can only choose between their Windows and their Passport identities.

If the user's Microsoft Windows and Passport identities use the same e-mail address, then use the format to specify the Passport identity as the DocumentAuthor property.


The following example displays information about the permissions settings of the active document, including the document author.

 Dim irmPermission As Office.Permission 
 Dim strIRMInfo As String 
 Set irmPermission = ActiveWorkbook.Permission 
 If irmPermission.Enabled Then 
 strIRMInfo = "Permissions are enabled on this document." & vbCrLf 
 strIRMInfo = strIRMInfo & " View in trusted browser: " & _ 
 irmPermission.EnableTrustedBrowser & vbCrLf & _ 
 " Document author: " & irmPermission.DocumentAuthor & vbCrLf & _ 
 " Users with rights: " & irmPermission.Count & vbCrLf & _ 
 " Cache licenses locally: " & irmPermission.StoreLicenses & vbCrLf & _ 
 " Request permission URL: " & irmPermission.RequestPermissionURL & vbCrLf 
 If irmPermission.PermissionFromPolicy Then 
 strIRMInfo = strIRMInfo & " Permissions applied from policy:" & vbCrLf & _ 
 " Policy name: " & irmPermission.PolicyName & vbCrLf & _ 
 " Policy description: " & irmPermission.PolicyDescription 
 strIRMInfo = strIRMInfo & " Default permissions applied." 
 End If 
 strIRMInfo = "Permissions are NOT enabled on this document." 
 End If 
 MsgBox strIRMInfo, vbInformation + vbOKOnly, "IRM Information" 
 Set irmPermission = Nothing 

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