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OfficeDataSourceObject.Table Property (Office)

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Gets a String that represents the name of the table within the data source file that contains the mail merge records. The returned value may be blank if the table name is unknown or not applicable to the current data source. Read-only.


expression. Table

expression A variable that represents an OfficeDataSourceObject object.


This example sets the name of the table if the table name is currently blank.

Sub OfficeTest() 

 Dim appOffice As OfficeDataSourceObject 

 Set appOffice = Application.OfficeDataSourceObject 
 appOffice.Open bstrConnect:="DRIVER=SQL Server;SERVER=ServerName;" & _ 
 "UID=user;PWD=;DATABASE=Northwind", bstrTable:="Employees" 

 If appOffice.Table = "" Then 
 appOffice.Table = "Employees" 
 End If 

End Sub 

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