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ODSOFilters.Add Method (Office)

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Adds a new filter to the ODSOFilters collection.


expression. Add( Column, Comparison, Conjunction, bstrCompareTo, DeferUpdate )

expression Required. A variable that represents an ODSOFilters object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
ColumnRequiredStringThe name of the table in the data source.
ComparisonRequiredMsoFilterComparisonHow the data in the table is filtered.
ConjunctionRequiredMsoFilterConjunctionDetermines how this filter relates to other filters in the ODSOFilters object.
bstrCompareToOptionalStringIf the Comparison argument is something other than msoFilterComparisonIsBlank or msoFilterComparisonIsNotBlank, a string to which the data in the table is compared.
DeferUpdateOptionalBooleanSpecifies whether to delay updating the filter. Default is False.

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