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MsoTextUnderlineType Enumeration (Office)

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Indicates the type of underline for text.

msoNoUnderline0Specifies no underline.
msoUnderlineDashHeavyLine8Specifies a dash underline.
msoUnderlineDashLine7Specifies a dash line underline.
msoUnderlineDashLongHeavyLine10Specifies a long heavy line underline.
msoUnderlineDashLongLine9Specifies a dashed long line underline.
msoUnderlineDotDashHeavyLine12Specifies a dot dash heavy line underline.
msoUnderlineDotDashLine11Specifies a dot dash line underline.
msoUnderlineDotDotDashHeavyLine14Specifies a dot dot dash heavy line underline.
msoUnderlineDotDotDashLine13Specifies a dot dot dash line underline.
msoUnderlineDottedHeavyLine6Specifies a dotted heavy line underline.
msoUnderlineDottedLine5Specifies a dotted line underline.
msoUnderlineDoubleLine3Specifies a double line underline.
msoUnderlineHeavyLine4Specifies a heavy line underline.
msoUnderlineMixed-2Specifies a mixed of underline types.
msoUnderlineSingleLine2Specifies a single line underline.
msoUnderlineWavyDoubleLine17Specifies a wavy double line underline.
msoUnderlineWavyHeavyLine16Specifies a wavy heavy line underline.
msoUnderlineWavyLine15Specifies a wavy line underline.
msoUnderlineWords1Specifies underlining words.
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