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MsoRecolorType Enumeration (Office)

office 365 dev account|Last Updated: 6/12/2017
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Indicates the type of recolor to use when changing a color scheme.

msoRecolorType11Specifies recolor Type1
msoRecolorType1010Specifies recolor Type10
msoRecolorType22Specifies recolor Type2
msoRecolorType33Specifies recolor Type3
msoRecolorType44Specifies recolor Type4
msoRecolorType55Specifies recolor Type5
msoRecolorType66Specifies recolor Type6
msoRecolorType77Specifies recolor Type7
msoRecolorType88Specifies recolor Type8
msoRecolorType99Specifies recolor Type9
msoRecolorTypeMixed-2Specifies a mixture of recolor types.
msoRecolorTypeNone0Specifies no recolor type.
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