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MsoDateTimeFormat Enumeration (Office)

office 365 dev account|Last Updated: 6/12/2017
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Specifies the format of a date/time data type.

msoDateTimeddddMMMMddyyyy2Specifies a ddddMMMMddyyyy format.
msoDateTimedMMMMyyyy3Specifies MMMMyyyy format.
msoDateTimedMMMyy5Specifies MMMyy format.
msoDateTimeFigureOut14Specifies that the Office application will determine the format.
msoDateTimeFormatMixed-2Specifies a mixed format.
msoDateTimeHmm10Specifies Hmm format.
msoDateTimehmmAMPM12Specifies a hmmAMPM format.
msoDateTimeHmmss11Specifies a Hmmss format.
msoDateTimehmmssAMPM13Specifies a hmmssAMPM format.
msoDateTimeMdyy1Specifies a Mdyy format.
msoDateTimeMMddyyHmm8Specifies a MMddyyHmm format.
msoDateTimeMMddyyhmmAMPM9Specifies a MMddyyhmmAMPM format.
msoDateTimeMMMMdyyyy4Specifies a MMMMdyyyy format.
msoDateTimeMMMMyy6Specifies a MMMMyy format.
msoDateTimeMMyy7Specifies a MMyy format.
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