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MetaProperties.GetItemByInternalName Method (Office)

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Gets a property's value specifying its name as opposed to its index value.


expression. GetItemByInternalName( InternalName )

expression An expression that returns a MetaProperty object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
InternalNameRequiredStringContains the name of the property.

Return Value



Metadata is information about a document that can be used to identify particular documents, search document content, build rich content dynamically, and other similar operations without the need to open the document. Metadata can be stored in a document and as properties on a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation server.


In the following example, a MetaProperties object is passed to a validation function. The function then retrieves the value of one of its properties and assigns it to a MetaProperty object. Finally, the property is validated and the results are returned.

Function ValidateMetaProperty(ByVal objMetaProperty As MetaProperty) As String 
Dim objMetaProperty As MetaProperty 
Dim result As String 

objMetaProperty = objMetaProperty.GetItemByInternalName("type") 
result = objMetaProperty.Validate 

ValidateMetaProperty = result 
End Function

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