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LanguageSettings.LanguagePreferredForEditing Property (Office)

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Gets True if the value for the MsoLanguageID constant has been identified in the Windows registry as a preferred language for editing. Read-only.


expression. LanguagePreferredForEditing( lid )

expression A variable that represents a LanguageSettings object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
lidRequiredMsoLanguageIDReturns one of the MsoLanguageID enumerations.


You must test all valid msoLanguageID values to enumerate the set of preferred languages.


This example displays a message if U.S. English is a preferred editing language.

If Application.LanguageSettings. _ 
 LanguagePreferredForEditing(msoLanguageIDEnglishUS) Then 
 MsgBox "One of the preferred editing languages is US English." 
End If

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