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DocumentLibraryVersion.Restore Method (Office)

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Restores a previous saved version of a shared document from the DocumentLibraryVersions collection.


expression. Restore

expression A variable that represents a DocumentLibraryVersion object.

Return Value



Use the Restore method to return to an earlier saved version of the active document. The Restore method does several things:

  1. It changes the open version of the shared document to read-only mode but leaves it open.

  2. It opens the restored version in read/write mode.

  3. It saves the restored version to the server as a new document version, making the restored version the latest version.

The Restore method raises a run-time error if the active document has changes that have not been saved.


The following example restores the previous version of the active document.

 Dim dlvVersions As Office.DocumentLibraryVersions 
 Set dlvVersions = ActiveDocument.DocumentLibraryVersions 
 dlvVersions(dlvVersions.Count - 1).Restore 
 Set dlvVersions = Nothing 

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