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DocumentInspector.Fix Method (Office)

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Performs an action on specific information items or document properties depending on the Document Inspector module specified.


expression. Fix( Status, Results )

expression An expression that returns a DocumentInspector object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
StatusRequiredMsoDocInspectorStatusAn enumeration representing that staus of the document. Status is an output parameter, which means that its value is returned when the method has completed its purpose.
ResultsRequiredStringContains the results of the action. Results is an output parameter.


MsoDocInspectorStatus members

There are two Document Inspector modules that are included with Microsoft Office. These are the Comments/Revisions module and the Document Properties method. These are the first two options that show up in the Document Inspector dialog box but are not available in the DocumentInspectors collection.


The following example demonstrates implementing the Fix method of the DocumentInspector object. You specify which Document Inspector module to execute with the index value specified in the DocumentInspectors collection. Before executing this method, you would likely run the Inspect method to determine if there are any hidden worksheets in the workbook.

Public Sub DI_FixDocument() 
Dim docStatus As MsoDocInspectorStatus 
Dim result As String 
ActiveDocument.DocumentInspectors(3).Fix docStatus, result 

MsgBox ("The Fix method returned the following status " & docStatus & _ 
" with this result " & result) 
End Sub

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