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CustomXMLPart.NodeAfterInsert Event (Office)

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Occurs after a node is inserted in a CustomXMLPart object.


expression. NodeAfterInsert( NewNode, InUndoRedo )

expression An expression that returns a CustomXMLPart object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
NewNodeRequiredCustomXMLNodeCorresponds to the node just added to the CustomXMLPart object. Note that this node may have children, if a subtree was just added to the document.
InUndoRedoRequiredBooleanReturns TRUE if the node was inserted as part of an Undo/Redo action by the user.


The following example displays a message telling the user the results of inserting the node.

Sub CustomXMLParts_NodeAfterInsert(newNode As CustomXMLNode, boolInUndoRedo As Boolean) 
   MsgBox ("The node " & newNode.BaseName & " was just inserted.") 
End Sub

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