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CustomXMLPart.NodeAfterDelete Event (Office)

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Occurs after a node is deleted in a CustomXMLPart object.


expression. NodeAfterDelete( OldNode, OldParentNode, OldNextSibling, InUndoRedo )

expression An expression that returns a CustomXMLPart object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
OldNodeRequiredCustomXMLNodeCorresponds to the node which was just removed from the CustomXMLPart object. Note that this node may have children, if a subtree is being removed from the document. Also, this node will be a "disconnected" node in that you can query down from the node, but you cannot query up the tree - the node appears to exist alone.
OldParentNodeRequiredCustomXMLNodeCorresponds to the former parent node of OldNode.
OldNextSiblingRequiredCustomXMLNodeCorresponds to the former next sibling of OldNode.
InUndoRedoRequiredBooleanReturns TRUE if the node was inserted as part of an Undo/Redo action by the user.


The following example displays a message telling the user the results of deleting the node.

Sub CustomXMLParts_NodeAfterDelete(newNode As CustomXMLNode, boolInUndoRedo As Boolean) 
   MsgBox ("The node " & newNode.BaseName & " was just deleted.") 
End Sub

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