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CustomXMLNode.SelectSingleNode Method (Office)

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Selects a single node from a collection matching an XPath expression. This method differs from the CustomXMLPart. SelectSingleNode method in that the XPath expression will be evaluated starting with the 'expression' node as the context node.


expression. SelectSingleNode( XPath )

expression An expression that returns a CustomXMLNode object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
XPathRequiredStringContains an XPath expression.

Return Value



The prefix mappings for the XPath expression are retrieved from the NamespaceManager property.


The following example demonstrates adding a custom XML part, selecting a part with a namespace URI, and then selecting a node within that part that matches an XPath expression.

Dim cxp1 As CustomXMLPart 
Dim cxn As CustomXMLNode 

' Add a custom xml part. 
ActiveDocument.CustomXMLParts.Add "<supplier>" 

' Return the first custom xml part with the given namespace. 
Set cxp1 = ActiveDocument.CustomXMLParts("urn:invoice:namespace")         

' Get a node using XPath.                              
 Set cxn = cxp1(1).SelectSingleNode("//*[@supplierID = 1]") 

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