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CustomXMLNode.ReplaceChildSubtree Method (Office)

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Removes the specified node (and its subtree) from the main tree, and replaces it with a different subtree in the same location.


expression. ReplaceChildSubtree( XML, OldNode )

expression An expression that returns a CustomXMLNode object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
XMLRequiredStringRepresents the subtree to be added.
OldNodeRequiredCustomXMLNodeRepresents the child node to be replaced.


If the operation would result in an invalid tree structure, the replacement operation is not performed and an error message is displayed.


The following example selects a custom part and then a node in that part. The code then replaces a child subtree of that node with another subtree.

Dim cxp1 As CustomXMLPart 
Dim cxn As CustomXMLNode 

With ActiveDocument 

    ' Return the first custom xml part with the given root namespace. 
    Set cxp1 = .CustomXMLParts("urn:invoice:namespace")     '  

    ' Get node using XPath expression.                              
    Set cxn = cxp1.SelectSingleNode("//*[@supplierID = 1]")  

    ' Replace one subtree and its children with another. 
   cxn.ReplaceChildSubtree("<rebates><rebate>0.10</rebate></rebates>", "//discounts")   

 End With

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