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CommandBar Properties (Office)

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AdaptiveMenuGets a Boolean value that specifies whether the command bar should include an adaptive menu. Read/write.
ApplicationGets an Application object that represents the container application for the CommandBar object (you can use this property with an Automation object to return that object's container application). Read-only.
BuiltInGets True if the specified command bar is a built-in command bar of the container application. Returns False if it is a custom command bar. Read-only.
ContextGets or sets a string that determines where a command bar will be saved. The string is defined and interpreted by the application. Read/write.
ControlsGets a CommandBarControls object that represents all the controls on a command bar. Read-only.
CreatorGets a 32-bit integer that indicates the application in which the CommandBar object was created. Read-only.
EnabledGets or sets a Boolean value that specifies whether the specified CommandBar is enabled. Read/write.
HeightGets or sets the height of a CommandBar. Read/write.
IndexGets a Long representing the index number for a CommandBar object in the collection. Read-only.
LeftSets or gets the horizontal distance (in pixels) of the CommandBar from the left edge of the object relative to the screen. Read/write.
NameGets the name of the built-in CommandBar object. Read-only.
NameLocalGets the name of a built-in command bar as it's displayed in the language version of the container application, or returns or sets the name of a custom command bar. Read/write.
ParentGets the Parent object for the CommandBar object. Read-only.
PositionGets or sets a MsoBarPosition constant representing the position of a command bar. Read/write.
ProtectionGets or sets a MsoBarProtection constant representing the way a command bar is protected from user customization. Read/write.
RowIndexGets or sets the docking order of a command bar in relation to other command bars in the same docking area. Can be an integer greater than zero, or either of the following MsoBarRow constants: msoBarRowFirst or msoBarRowLast. Read/write.
TopSets or gets the distance from the top edge of the specified command bar, to the top edge of the screen. For docked command bars, this property returns or sets the distance from the command bar to the top of the docking area. Read/write.
TypeGets the type of command bar. Read-only.
VisibleGets or sets the Visible property of the command bar. True if the command bar is visible. Read/write.
WidthGets or sets the width (in pixels) of the specified command bar. Read/write.
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