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Zoom Event

office 365 dev account|Last Updated: 6/12/2017
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Occurs when the value of the Zoom property changes. Syntax For Frame Private SubobjectZoom(_PercentAs Integer) For MultiPage Private SubobjectZoom(_indexAs Long, PercentAs Integer) The Zoom event syntax has these parts:

objectRequired. A valid object name.
indexRequired. The index of the page in a MultiPage associated with this event.
PercentRequired. The percentage the form is to be zoomed. Valid values range from 10 percent to 400 percent.

Remarks The value of the Zoom property identifies how the size of the form or Page changes. The value of the property indicates how the size of the control should change relative to its current size. Values less than 100 reduce the displayed size of the form; values greater than 100 increase the displayed size of the form. You can set this property to any integer from 10 to 400.

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