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WhatsThisMode Method

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Causes the mouse pointer to change to the What's This pointer and prepares the application to display Help on a selected object. This method exists on the Macintosh, but there is no pointer functionality. Syntaxobject. WhatsThisMode The object placeholder represents anobject expression that evaluates to an object in the Applies To list. If object is omitted, the UserForm with thefocus is assumed to be object. Remarks Executing the WhatsThisMode method places the application in the same state as clicking the What's This button on the title bar. The mouse pointer changes to the What's This pointer. When the user clicks an object, the WhatsThisHelpID property of the clicked object is used to invoke the context-sensitive Help.


The following example changes the mouse pointer to the What's This (question mark) pointer when the user clicks the UserForm. If neither the WhatsThisHelp or the WhatsThisButton property is set to True in the Properties window, the following invocation has no effect.

Private Sub UserForm_Click()
' Turn mouse pointer to What's This question mark.
End Sub
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