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Ways to protect sensitive information

office 365 dev account|Last Updated: 6/12/2017
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Many applications use data that should be available only to certain users. Here are some suggestions you can use to protect sensitive information in Microsoft Forms:

  • Write code that makes a control (and its data) invisible to unauthorized users. The Visible property makes a control visible or invisible. For more information about Visible, seeVisible Property.

  • Write code that sets the control's foreground and background to the same color when unauthorized users run the application. This hides the information from unauthorized users. The ForeColor and BackColor properties determine theforeground color and thebackground color. For information about ForeColor, seeForeColor Property. For information about BackColor, seeBackColor Property.

  • Disable the control when unauthorized users run the application. The Enabled property determines when a control is disabled. For information about Enabled, seeEnabled Property.

  • Require a password for access to the application or a specific control. You can use placeholders as the user types each character. The PasswordChar property defines placeholder characters. For information about PasswordChar, seePasswordChar Property.

Note Using passwords or any other techniques listed can improve the security of your application, but does not guarantee the prevention of unauthorized access to your data.

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