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UserForm Window Keys

office 365 dev account|Last Updated: 6/12/2017
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Use these key combinations in the UserForm window:

SHIFT+CTRL +ALPHASelect a property in the Property list of the Properties window.
ALPHAEnter a value in the Properties window for the selected property.
F7Open the Code window for the selected object.
DEL or DELETEDelete the selected controls without placing them on the Clipboard.
CTRL+ZUndo a deletion of controls.
TABCycle forward through controls in tab order.
SHIFT+TABCycle backward through controls in tab order.
CTRL+CLICKAdd or remove a control from the selection.
CLICK+DRAGSelect multiple controls.
SHIFT+CLICKSelect multiple controls.
CTRL+CLICK+DRAGAdd or remove controls from the current selection.
F6Display the Properties window (design time only).
SHIFT+F10View shortcut.
CTRL+JBring to front (affects overlapping controls at design time only).
CTRL+KSend to back (affects overlapping controls at design time only).

To deselect all controls, click the form. To select controls in a container, first deselect the container and then CTRL+CLICK+DRAGaround the desired controls.

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