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TypeName Function

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Returns a String that provides information about a variable.


The required varnameargument is a Variant containing any variable except a variable of a user-defined type.


The string returned by TypeName can be any one of the following:

String returnedVariable
object typeAn object whose type is objecttype
ByteByte value
LongLong integer
SingleSingle-precision floating-point number
DoubleDouble-precision floating-point number
CurrencyCurrency value
DecimalDecimal value
DateDate value
BooleanBoolean value
ErrorAn error value
NullNo valid data
ObjectAn object
UnknownAn object whose type is unknown
NothingObject variable that doesn't refer to an object

If varname is an array, the returned string can be any one of the possible returned strings (or Variant ) with empty parentheses appended. For example, if varname is an array of integers, TypeName returns "Integer()".


This example uses the TypeName function to return information about a variable.

' Declare variables.
Dim NullVar, MyType, StrVar As String, IntVar As Integer, CurVar As Currency
Dim ArrayVar (1 To 5) As Integer
NullVar = Null    ' Assign Null value.
MyType = TypeName(StrVar)    ' Returns "String".
MyType = TypeName(IntVar)    ' Returns "Integer".
MyType = TypeName(CurVar)    ' Returns "Currency".
MyType = TypeName(NullVar)    ' Returns "Null".
MyType = TypeName(ArrayVar)    ' Returns "Integer()".
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