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Style Property

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For ComboBox, specifies how the user can choose or set the control's value. For MultiPage and TabStrip, identifies the style of the tabs on the control. Syntax For ComboBox object. Style [= fmStyle ] For MultiPage and TabStrip object. Style [= fmTabStyle ] The Style property syntax has these parts:

objectRequired. A valid object.
fmStyleOptional. Specifies how a user sets the value of a ComboBox.
fmTabStyleOptional. Specifies the tab style in a MultiPage or TabStrip.

Settings The settings for fmStyle are:

fmStyleDropDownCombo0The ComboBox behaves as a drop-down combo box. The user can type a value in the edit region or select a value from the drop-down list (default).
fmStyleDropDownList2The ComboBox behaves as a list box. The user must choose a value from the list.

The settings for fmTabStyle are:

fmTabStyleTabs0Displays tabs on the tab bar (default).
fmTabStyleButtons1Displays buttons on the tab bar.
fmTabStyleNone2Does not display the tab bar.
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