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StartDrag Method

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Initiates a drag-and-drop operation for a DataObject. SyntaxfmDropEffect=Object. StartDrag ([Effect as fmDropEffect]) The StartDrag method syntax has these parts:

ObjectRequired. A valid object.
EffectOptional. Effect of the drop operation on the target control.

Settings The settings for Effect are:

fmDropEffectNone0Does not copy or move the drop source to the drop target.
fmDropEffectCopy1Copies the drop source to the drop target.
fmDropEffectMove2Moves the drop source to the drop target.
fmDropEffectCopyOrMove3Copies or moves the drop source to the drop target.

Remarks The drag action starts at the current mouse pointer position with the current keyboard state and ends when the user releases the mouse. The effect of the drag-and-drop operation depends on the effect chosen for the drop target. For example, a control's MouseMove event might include the StartDrag method. When the user clicks the control and moves the mouse, the mouse pointer changes to indicate whether Effect is valid for the drop target.

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