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SpinButton Control

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Increments and decrements numbers. Remarks Clicking a SpinButton changes only the value of the SpinButton. You can write code that uses the SpinButton to update the displayed value of another control. For example, you can use a SpinButton to change the month, the day, or the year shown on a date. You can also use a SpinButton to scroll through a range of values or a list of items, or to change the value displayed in a text box. To display a value updated by a SpinButton, you must assign the value of the SpinButton to the displayed portion of a control, such as the Caption property of a Label or the Text property of a TextBox. To create a horizontal or vertical SpinButton, drag the sizing handles of the SpinButton horizontally or vertically on the form. The default property for a SpinButton is the Value property. The default event for a SpinButton is the Change event.

SpinButton Object

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