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PictureTiling Property

office 365 dev account|Last Updated: 6/12/2017
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Lets you tile a picture in a form or page. Syntaxobject. PictureTiling [= Boolean ] The PictureTiling property syntax has these parts:

objectRequired. A valid object.
BooleanOptional. Whether a picture is repeated across a background.

Settings The settings for Boolean are:

TrueThe picture is tiled across the background.
FalseThe picture is not tiled across the background (default).

Remarks If a picture is smaller than the form or page that contains it, you can tile the picture on the form or page. The tiling pattern depends on the current setting of the PictureAlignment and PictureSizeMode properties. For example, if PictureAlignment is set to fmPictureAlignmentTopLeft, the tiling pattern starts at the upper left and repeats the picture across the form or page and down the height of the form or page. If PictureSizeMode is set to fmPictureSizeModeClip, the tiling pattern crops the last tile if it doesn't completely fit on the form or page.

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