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OptionButton Control

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Shows the selection status of one item in a group of choices. Remarks Use an OptionButton to show whether a single item in a group is selected. Note that each OptionButton in a Frame is mutually exclusive. If an OptionButton isbound to adata source, the OptionButton can show the value of that data source as either Yes / No, True / False, or On / Off. If the user selects the OptionButton, the current setting is Yes, True, or On; if the user does not select the OptionButton, the setting is No, False, or Off. For example, an OptionButton in an inventory-tracking application might show whether an item is discontinued. If the OptionButton is bound to a data source, then changing the settings changes the value of that data source. A disabled OptionButton is dimmed and does not show a value. Depending on the value of the TripleState property, an OptionButton can also have anull value. You can also use an OptionButton inside a group box to select one or more of a group of related items. For example, you can create an order form with a list of available items, with an OptionButton preceding each item. The user can select a particular item by checking the corresponding OptionButton. The default property for an OptionButton is the Value property. The default event for an OptionButton is the Click event.

OptionButton Object

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