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Oct Function

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Returns a Variant ( String ) representing the octal value of a number. SyntaxOct ( number ) The required numberargument is any validnumeric expression orstring expression. Remarks If number is not already a whole number, it is rounded to the nearest whole number before being evaluated.

If number isOct returns
EmptyZero (0)
Any other numberUp to 11 octal characters

You can represent octal numbers directly by preceding numbers in the proper range with &;O. For example, . For example, &;O10 is the octal notation for decimal 8.


This example uses the Oct function to return the octal value of a number.

Dim MyOct
MyOct = Oct(4)     ' Returns 4.
MyOct = Oct(8)    ' Returns 10.
MyOct = Oct(459)    ' Returns 713.

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