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Month Function

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Returns a Variant ( Integer ) specifying a whole number between 1 and 12, inclusive, representing the month of the year. SyntaxMonth(date) The required dateargument is anyVariant, numeric expression, string expression, or any combination, that can represent a date. If date containsNull, Null is returned.

Note If the Calendar property setting is Gregorian, the returned integer represents the Gregorian day of the week for the date argument. If the calendar is Hijri, the returned integer represents the Hijri day of the week for the date argument. For Hijri dates, the argument number is any numeric expression that can represent a date and/or time from 1/1/100 (Gregorian Aug 2, 718) through 4/3/9666 (Gregorian Dec 31, 9999).


This example uses the Month function to obtain the month from a specified date. In the development environment, the date literal is displayed in short date format using the locale settings of your code.

Dim MyDate, MyMonth
MyDate = #February 12, 1969#    ' Assign a date.
MyMonth = Month(MyDate)    ' MyMonth contains 2.
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