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LinkedWindows Collection (VBA Add-In Object Model)

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Contains all linked windows in a linked window frame. Remarks Use the LinkedWindows collection to modify thedocked andlinked state of windows in thedevelopment environment.

Important Objects, properties, and methods for controlling linked windows, linked window frames, and docked windows are included on the Macintosh for compatibility with code written in Windows. However, these language elements will generate run-time errors when run on the Macintosh.

The LinkedWindowFrame property of the Window object returns a Window object that has a valid LinkedWindows collection. Linked window frames contain all windows that can be linked or docked. This includes all windows except code windows, designers, the Object Browser window, and the Search and Replace window. If all the panes from one linked window frame are moved to another window, the linked window frame with no panes is destroyed. However, if all the panes are removed from the main window, it isn't destroyed. Use the Visible property to check or set the visibility of a window. You can use the Add method to add a window to thecollection of currently linked windows. A window that is a pane in one linked window frame can be added to another linked window frame. Use the Remove method to remove a window from the collection of currently linked windows; this results in the window being unlinked or undocked. The LinkedWindows collection is used to dock and undock windows from the main window frame.

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