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Left, Top Properties

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The distance between a control and the left or top edge of the form that contains it. Syntaxobject. Left [= Single ] object. Top [= Single ] The Left and Top property syntaxes have these parts:

objectRequired. A valid object.
SingleOptional. A numeric expression specifying the coordinates of an object.

Settings Setting the Left or Top property to 0 places the control's edge at the left or top edge of itscontainer. Remarks For most systems, the recommended range of values for Left and Top is from -32,767 to +32,767. Other values may also work depending on your sytem configuration. For a ComboBox, values of Left and Top apply to the text portion of the control, not to the list portion. When you move or size a control, its new Left setting is automatically entered in the property sheet. When you print a form, the control's horizontal or vertical location is determined by its Left or Top setting.

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