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Height, Width Properties

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The height or width, in points, of an object. Syntaxobject. Height [= Single ] object. Width [= Single ] The Height and Width property syntaxes have these parts:

objectRequired. A valid object.
SingleOptional. A numeric expression specifying the dimensions of an object.

Remarks The Height and Width properties are automatically updated when you move or size a control. If you change the size of a control, the Height or Width property stores the new height or width and the OldHeight or OldWidth property stores the previous height or width. If you specify a setting for the Left or Top property that is less than zero, that value will be used to calculate the height or width of the control, but a portion of the control will not be visible on the form. If you move a control from one part of a form to another, the setting of Height or Width only changes if you size the control as you move it. The settings of the control's Left and Top properties will change to reflect the control's new position relative to the edges of the form that contains it. The value assigned to Height or Width must be greater than or equal to zero. For most systems, the recommended range of values is from 0 to +32,767. Higher values may also work depending on your system configuration.

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