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Enter, Exit Events, ActiveControl Property Example

office 365 dev account|Last Updated: 6/12/2017
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The following example uses the ActiveControl property in a subroutine that tracks the controls a user visits. The Enter event for each control calls the TraceFocus subroutine to identify the control that has the focus.

To use this example, copy this sample code to the Declarations portion of a form. Make sure that the form contains the following controls:

  • A ScrollBar named ScrollBar1.

  • A ListBox named ListBox1.

  • Two OptionButton controls named OptionButton1 and OptionButton2.

  • A Frame named Frame1.

Dim MyControl As Control 

Private Sub TraceFocus() 
 ListBox1.AddItem ActiveControl.Name 
 ListBox1.List(ListBox1.ListCount - 1, 1) = _ 
End Sub 

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() 
 ListBox1.ColumnCount = 2 
 ListBox1.AddItem "Controls Visited" 
 ListBox1.List(0, 1) = "Control Index" 
End Sub 

Private Sub Frame1_Enter() 
End Sub 

Private Sub ListBox1_Enter() 
End Sub 

Private Sub OptionButton1_Enter() 
End Sub 

Private Sub OptionButton2_Enter() 
End Sub 

Private Sub ScrollBar1_Enter() 
End Sub
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