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ControlSource Property

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Identifies the data location used to set or store the Value property of a control. The ControlSource property accepts worksheet ranges from Microsoft Excel. Syntaxobject. ControlSource [= String ] The ControlSource property syntax has these parts:

objectRequired. A valid object.
StringOptional. Specifies the worksheet cell linked to the Value property of a control.

Remarks The ControlSource property identifies a cell or field; it does not contain the data stored in the cell or field. If you change the Value of the control, the change is automatically reflected in the linked cell or field. Similarly, if you change the value of the linked cell or field, the change is automatically reflected in the Value of the control. You cannot specify another control for the ControlSource. Doing so causes an error. The default value for ControlSource is an empty string. If ControlSource contains a value other than an empty string, it identifies a linked cell or field. The contents of that cell or field are automatically copied to the Value property when the control is loaded.

Note If the Value property is Null, no value appears in the location identified by ControlSource.

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