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Bold, Italic, Size, StrikeThrough, Underline, Weight Properties

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Specifies the visual attributes of text on a displayed or printed form. Syntaxobject. Bold [= Boolean ] object. Italic [= Boolean ] object. Size [= Currency ] object. StrikeThrough [= Boolean ] object. Underline [= Boolean ] object. Weight [= Integer ] The Bold, Italic, Size, StrikeThrough, Underline, and Weight property syntaxes have these parts:

objectRequired. A valid object name.
BooleanOptional. Specifies the font style.
CurrencyOptional. A number indicating the font size.
IntegerOptional. Specifies the font style.

The settings for Boolean are:

TrueThe text has the specified attribute (that is bold, italic, size, strikethrough or underline marks, or weight).
FalseThe text does not have the specified attribute (default).

The Weight property accepts values from 0 to 1000. A value of zero allows the system to pick the most appropriate weight. A value from 1 to 1000 indicates a specific weight, where 1 represents the lightest type and 1000 represents the darkest type. Remarks These properties define the visual characteristics of text. The Bold property determines whether text is normal or bold. The Italic property determines whether text is normal or italic. The Size property determines the height, inpoints, of displayed text. The Underline property determines whether text is underlined. The StrikeThrough property determines whether the text appears with strikethrough marks. The Weight property determines the darkness of the type. The font's appearance on screen and in print may differ, depending on your computer and printer. If you select a font that your system can't display with the specified attribute or that isn't installed, the operating system substitutes a similar font. The substitute font will be as similar as possible to the font originally requested. Changing the value of Bold also changes the value of Weight. Setting Bold to True sets Weight to 700; setting Bold to False sets Weight to 400. Conversely, setting Weight to anything over 550 sets Bold to True; setting Weight to 550 or less sets Bold to False. The default point size is determined by the operating system.

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