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Stream (ADO for Visual C++ Syntax)

office 365 dev account|Last Updated: 4/3/2018
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Applies to: Access 2013 | Access 2016


Cancel(void)Close(void)CopyTo(ADOStream DestStream, LONG _CharNumber = -1)Flush(void)LoadFromFile(BSTR FileName )Open(VARIANT Source, ConnectModeEnum Mode, StreamOpenOptionsEnum Options, BSTR UserName, BSTR Password )Read(long NumBytes, VARIANT _pVal_ )ReadText(long NumChars, BSTR *pbstr )SaveToFile(BSTR FileName, SaveOptionsEnum Options =adSaveCreateNotExist)SetEOS(void)SkipLine(void)Write(VARIANT Buffer )WriteText(BSTR Data, StreamWriteEnum Options =adWriteChar) Propertiesget_Charset(BSTR *pbstrCharset ) put_Charset (BSTR Charset )get_EOS(VARIANT_BOOL *pEOS )get_LineSeparator(LineSeparatorEnum *pLS ) put_LineSeparator (LineSeparatorEnum LineSeparator )get_Mode(ConnectModeEnum *pMode ) put_Mode (ConnectModeEnum Mode )get_Position(LONG *pPos ) put_Position (LONG Position )get_Size(LONG *pSize )get_State(ObjectStateEnum *pState )get_Type(StreamTypeEnum *pType ) put_Type (StreamTypeEnum Type ) ACCESS SUPPORT RESOURCES
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