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Return a Random Record from a DAO Recordset

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Access does not have a built-in mechanism for returning a random record from a set of records. This topic describes a sample user-defined function that you can use to return a random record.

Function FindRandom(RecordSetName As String, Fieldname As String) 

 Dim MyDB As Database 
 Dim MyRS As Recordset 
 Dim SpecificRecord As Long, i As Long, NumOfRecords As Long 

 Set MyDB = CurrentDB() 
 Set MyRS = MyDB.OpenRecordset(RecordSetName, dbOpenDynaset) 
 On Error GoTo NoRecords 
 NumOfRecords = MyRS.RecordCount 
 SpecificRecord = Int(NumOfRecords * Rnd) 
 If SpecificRecord = NumOfRecords Then 
   SpecificRecord = SpecificRecord - 1 
 End If 
 For i = 1 To SpecificRecord 
 Next i 
 FindRandom = MyRS(Fieldname) 
 Exit Function 

 If Err = 3021 Then 
   MsgBox "There Are No Records In The Dynaset", 16, "Error" 
   MsgBox "Error - " &; Err &; Chr$(13) &; Chr$(10) &; Error, _ 
     16, "Error" 
 End If 
 FindRandom = "No Records" 
 Exit Function 

End Function 
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