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Report.Height Property (Access)

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Gets or sets the height of the specified object in twips. Read/write Long.


expression. Height

expression A variable that represents a Report object.


The Height property applies only to form sections and report sections, not to forms and reports.

For report sections, you can't use a macro or Visual Basic to set the Height property when you print or preview a report. For report controls, you can set the Height property when you print or preview a report only by using a macro or an event procedure specified in a section's OnFormat event property setting.

You can't set this propery for an object once the print process has started. For example, attempting to set the Height property in a report's Print event generates an error.

Microsoft Access automatically sets the Height property when you create or size a control or when you size a window in form Design View or report Design view.

The height of sections is measured from the inside of their borders. The height of controls is measured from the center of their borders so controls with different border widths align correctly. The margins for forms and reports are set in the Page Setup dialog box, available by clicking Page Setup on the File menu.

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