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Report.DrawStyle Property (Access)

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You can use the DrawStyle property to specify the line style when using the Line and Circle methods to print lines on reports. Read/write Integer.


expression. DrawStyle

expression A variable that represents a Report object.


The DrawStyle property uses the following settings.

0(Default) Solid line, transparent interior
1Dash, transparent interior
2Dot, transparent interior
3Dash-dot, transparent interior
4Dash-dot-dot, transparent interior
5Invisible line, transparent interior
6Invisible line, solid interior

Note You can set this property in an event procedure specified by a section's OnPrint property setting.

The DrawStyle property produces the results described in the preceding table if the DrawWidth property is set to 1. If the DrawWidth property setting is greater than 3, the DrawStyle property settings 1 through 4 produce a solid line (the DrawStyle property value isn't changed).

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